Demo import issues

Sometimes WordPress demo data import doesn't work as expected. Find out what you can try to fix.

All of WebMan Design WordPress themes provide demo content to import so you don’t have to start building your website from scratch. Though this is a great help, the WordPress import process doesn’t work flawlessly all the time. The reasons may differ depending on your hosting and website setup.

Here are some tips you can try if the theme demo content import doesn’t work as expected:

  1. It is recommended to install the demo content into an empty, fresh WordPress site only. Otherwise it might mess up your existing content, so, please double check before you proceed with demo content import.
    If your website already has contains posts or pages or other data, we strongly recommend doing a backup before you proceed with demo import!
  2. Please check your server setup, especially PHP version and PHP settings. Also, please check the information on official WordPress codex about import process issues.
  3. Please always make sure to install and activate demo content required plugins first, before importing the demo content. This information can be found in demo content repository or in your theme documentation.
  4. When using One Click Demo Import plugin, please always follow the instructions provided under Appearance → Import Demo Data before importing the demo content.
    Also, check the information about possible issues related to plugin usage.
  5. If the demo media files weren’t imported, please note that there might have been a connection issue when downloading the files from demo content servers. These, however, are just a low quality demo media (see info below) and you are perfectly fine (actually, you should) replacing them with your own assets.
    Other demo data (posts, pages and custom posts content) should be imported without any issues.
    If you need the demo media files though, please re-try demo import process again (see procedure below).

Re-trying demo import

If your currently imported demo content is incomplete, or there were errors during the import process, you may try to re-import the data.

Depending on your situation we always suggest resetting your WordPress website to blank state before demo content re-import. You can do that with a plugin such as WP Reset. Please note though, that this process will remove all your website data (except media files uploaded into wp-content/uploads folder on your server)! Create a backup beforehand if needed!

Once your WordPress website is reset, double check your server setup and PHP settings (see above) and you can retry the One Click Demo Import procedure.

If your theme does not support One Click Demo Import procedure, or if it keeps failing on you, try using default WordPress Import functionality (manual import procedure, described in demo content repository).

After demo is imported

Lastly, after you’ve manged to import the theme demo, please note that it contains a lot of pages. You will certainly end up not using most of them. In that case it is highly recommended to delete the pages, posts, custom posts and media that you no longer need on your website.

Media quality

Please understand that imported demo images, audio and video files are of low quality due to copyright protection and you should replace them with your own, properly licensed media. (Please check the “Credits” section of your theme documentation for resources.)