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    Add phone number to top right of page


    I am trying to add a phone number to the top right of the page where the social links menu is.

    I added text into the social links menu to try do it that way but nothing showed up.

    I was able to edit the theme’s base code in v1.4.3 to achieve what i wanted, but in the current version this is not possible. (I added some code to ‘menu-social.php’ which is a file that doesn’t exist in later versions of the theme).

    Can you please advise how i can achieve this?

    This is what i want to show up where the social icons are:
    <div align=”right”>Call Now:(02) 4332 1055</div>


    Oliver Juhas


    First, please note that div HTML tag does not have any “align” attribute. You should use a CSS for that. Either inline one or set a CSS class to your div and then style it in your custom CSS.

    Also, you should never edit theme core files as you will loose your changes when the theme updates. You should really use a child theme for theme modifications.

    The file dealing with social menu is now in templates/parts/component-menu-social.php. But better, more future proof solution than editing that file would be to add this code to your child theme‘s functions.php:

    function child_theme_phone() {
      echo '<div class="header-phone">YOUR_PHONE_HERE</div>';
    add_action( 'wmhook_header', 'child_theme_phone', 40 );

    Please note that you will still need to apply your custom CSS styles (use the .header-phone class from the example above) to your needs and test the display on mobile devices.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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