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    Autoptimize.- gallery and above fold css


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    I’m using this really great plugin that makes my site speed go way up! It’s called Autoptimize (there’s also Autoptimize CriticalCSS Power-Up).

    My only issue is that it interferes with the function of the featherlight plugin you suggested in your instructions. Do you have any other plugin suggestions that would work the same way? And be compatible with beaver builder?

    I also think featherlight is not updated with the latest version of wordpress.

    I have a second question for you. It’s a little complex and I understand that it isn’t really an issue with the theme. I would love your help and I promise to give you a donation :)

    With this same plugin I can defer CSS to improve my speed.

    This is the option it gives me:

    Inline “above the fold CSS” while loading the main autoptimized CSS only after page load.

    Paste the above the fold css here.

    What would that be for your code? The above fold css?

    Thank you so much for all your help! You’ve been wonderful!


    – Note: The Autoptimize plugin has the option to paste code that I don’t want to have optimized by the plugin.

    Both javascript code or CSS code can be pasted and excluded from the plugin optimization. Maybe this could help my gallery issue.

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    Oliver Juhas

    Hi Anik,

    WP Featherlight plugin

    As for WP Featherlight plugin, please note that it is actually a very simple plugin, so maybe it does not need any particular update. It simply works with the most recent version of WordPress. I’ve also checked the plugin’s JavaScript library it uses and it’s also up to date, so I’m not surprised the plugin wasn’t updated for some time. There is no need to ;)

    I understand that you might read in many sources that a “good theme/plugin” has to be updated frequently, but this really depends on many factors. How well the software is coded, how complex it is,… Even WordPress native themes don’t get updates that frequently – and they are actually coded exceptionally well.

    But if you feel uneasy about the plugin, you can always ask the plugin creator for help or simply use a different plugin :)

    Autoptimize plugin

    As for Autoptimize, please understand that website optimization is a complex process. Especially in WordPress websites full of different plugins, differently themes, settings, layouts.

    You always need to be careful optimizing your website CSS and especially JavaScript so you don’t introduce any errors.

    The question of critical CSS (above the fold) is actually the most complex issue of any website optimization. Especially with WordPress websites, and especially with more advanced ones. You can not achieve 100% satisfaction, and, actually, I’m not even sure if you can obtain 100% satisfaction for any website due to the nature of “above the fold”…

    Also, the above fold CSS differs from page to page. The above fold CSS code on homepage is different from blog page, which is different from single post page, and those are different from portfolio pages too.

    From the theme perspective, having a custom coded theme could help with critical CSS, but I personally haven’t seen any such successful implementation in publicly available WordPress themes to this day. Maybe this is also due what functionality WordPress offers in this field.

    I’d say the best you can do is not to bother with above the fold CSS that much. Or, if you have resources and you really want to tweak the critical CSS via Autoptimize plugin, I suggest digging into the plugin documentation and/or contacting their support. They should be able to provide more information about this if they offer such option in their plugin.

    I’ve also found some additional resources that might help understand the problem:

    Finally, to determine the JavaScript code you can exclude form optimization, you can simply look at the code of your website in your web browser. Or use a web browser code inspector. Or ask the support of your plugins. That’s really the only help I can give as it differs from website to website. The theme should not cause any issue in this matter.

    Best regards,

    Oliver Juhas
    WebMan Design

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