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    Beaver Builder or Open Source alternative


    Hi Oliver,
    I thought I submitted a ticked well over a week ago, but have noticed there’s little activity on the forum.

    I’m wondering if using an open-source page builder like Elementor or Site Origin’s Page Builder might be a better choice than going with BeaverBuilder. I’m quite tired of using proprietary software for reasons I’m sure you’re quite familiar with.

    I can’t figure out HTML to format my websites with text columns in Mustang and must rely on a page builder. But I don’t want to begin using one until I decide firmly (based on your advice) on which to use.

    Thank you for any advise.
    Best regards,


    Oliver Juhas

    Hi Ray,

    I’m sorry, I can see your last ticket was submitted some 3 years ago. Not sure what you mean by “there’s little activity on the forum” – I tend to reply to each support ticket within 24 hours.
    Actually, I have no active support tickets in the queue now as reply to all within 48 hour.

    Beaver Builder is definitely not closed source software – it is open source just like Elementor and Site Origin’s Page Builder. Actually, all of those page builders have both free and paid version of the software. Free is not equal to open source. I personally sell open-source, 100% GPL licensed themes too.
    (And, as far as I know, paid Beaver Builder is still open source, 100% GPL, unlike paid Elementor Pro, which is closed source, actually.)

    The theme works perfectly fine with free Beaver Builder Lite. The whole theme demo website was built using this free plugin.

    Page builders are the easiest way to create columns. Actually, without such plugin it is a matter of custom HTML and CSS code as the theme does not include such functionality out of the box.

    The theme is fully compatible with Beaver Builder, but you can go ahead and use whatever page builder plugin suits you. Surely, there might be some custom CSS needed to adapt the page layout to other page builder plugin, but I can help with this once you decide on a plugin you want to use.

    For example, the theme works with Elementor perfectly fine even now:

    Best regards,

    Oliver Juhas
    WebMan Design

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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