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    Content in Banner and Case Results


    Hey so I am trying to replicate the homepage banner section. With the text on-top of the image and the button (lets get started) that scrolls down. Looking at it within the text editor seems you build that with the page builder, is that correct? I did this but the default banner is still showing on this page and I removed the header image within the customizer.

    What is the proper way of doing this

    Also I want to replicate the case results with the hover effect on the elements. But when I add the projects and use the page builder to put the custom posts there there is no hover effect or filtering system.
    (I have attached a screenshot of what is looks like now)

    What are the proper steps do to this

    Last thing. Sometimes when I am using the page builder and want to edit the content the sidebar disappears. I tried everything and didn’t appear (deactivate the plugins, clear cache) The only solution I could come up with is opening the dashboard in another browser and than the page builder is there.

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks for your help.


    Oliver Juhas


    Indeed, that section is created using a page builder.

    You can disable the default page intro section in page settings tab:

    You need to set up the projects to enable filter and use the cubic CSS class on them. Here are screenshots of projects setup in page builder: and

    For instructions on how to use Beaver Builder page builder please read

    I strongly suggest installing the theme demo content so you can preview how things are build:

    What do you mean with sidebar disappearing when editing with page builder? Page builder layout does not support a sidebar as you can add one directly in a page builder. Or do you mean something different? Can you provide screenshots or URL to affected page?



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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