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    Hey there! Have you noticed this support service is provided FREE of charge?
    If you like the speed and accuracy of resolutions, please consider supporting me with a small donation. Thank you

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    I have tried to install the demo content according to your instructions. But I get the error message :
    “Sorry, there’s been an error.
    It doesn’t seem to be a WXR file, the WXR version number is missing or invalid”.
    I tried to load my own post images, but they are blurred.
    What should I do?
    Best regards

    Oliver Juhas

    Hi nrwfilm,

    For blurry images please follow resolution from previous support ticket. Make sure to set the correct image sizes before you import the theme demo content.

    For the demo import, please make sure to import the actual demo content XML file (you can right click this link and choose “Save link as…” to save the XML on your computer, or watch the video on how to download the XML from the repository).

    Then please follow the WordPress Import instructions.

    I’ve just tested the import of the file and it works perfectly fine, without any issue.

    Best regards,

    Oliver Juhas
    WebMan Design

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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