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    Filtered List for Products


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    Hi Oliver

    On the demo for your theme you have a cool filter list for products, where you can select “all” “clothing” “hoodies” etc. and it changes the thumbnails to those that match the selection. Just wondered what the shortcode for it was? Can’t find it on the documentation and not sure which box to select on visual composer. I basically want to display all my products and have 4 or 5 options on the top to narrow them down.

    Oliver Juhas


    I understand this might be a bit confusing and I counted with it when I created the shortcodes. However, I believe my approach is much more flexible than any other shortcode system I’ve used before.

    The thing is that usually you just pick a “Portfolio” shortcode to display projects, “Posts” shortcode to display posts and so on. However, with WebMan Amplifier shortcodes you are not limited this way. It works with any custom post types you have on your website. So, there is a “global” shortcode for displaying several different content types, the wm_posts shortcode (named “Posts (Custom Posts)” in Visual Composer).

    You can select the post type to be displayed in this shortcode, so for your purpose, just select “Products” in Visual Composer or insert this shortcode:

    //Remove the space from the beginning of the shortcode if you are copying it
    [ wm_posts post_type="product" count="-1" columns="3" filter="product_cat" image_size="shop_catalog" /]

    You can have a look at shortcodes parameters at



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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