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    Icelander theme not working w Beaver Builder when upgraded to paid BB version


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    We had the paid version of Beaver Builder for one full year. We used it on the Icelander theme. I was not on our WordPress dashboard for about five months. I logged back into our WordPress dashboard and I updated our footer in the Icelander fine using Beaver Builder. The next time (about a few minutes) I tried to update something I got an alert that we needed to upgrade to the paid version of Beaver Builder to use those functions.

    The paid theme must have just lapsed and reverted to their “free” version or “lite,” as they call it. We paid for the upgrade again to Beaver Builder and now the Icelander theme does not seem to work with Beaver Builder. The service rep at BB, Ben, said this is an issue with our Icelander theme, as when he uses another theme, Beaver Builder works as it should.

    When I use WordPress to edit the formatting has reverted to basic, so all formatting has been lost. For example, the image I updated is there, but it isn’t branded and the formatting is not responsive. When I view the website in Beaver Builder it looks correct at first, but I am unable to edit in BB. I choose the Wrench Icon or “text editor settings” and nothing happens. I am not able to do much with the other options, other than duplicate a layout or move a grouping/div.

    BB believes this is something do to the Icelander theme and directed us to contact you. Perhaps changes were made in the past year and we need to do something with our Icelander theme? I hope you are able to help. Thank you!


    Oliver Juhas

    Hi jaspermcc1,

    Please note that you are using an old theme version. Please update your Icelander theme to the most recent version of 1.3.3. I believe that will resolve your issues. Also, please make sure you have updated WebMan Amplifier plugin too.

    The theme does not do anything with Beaver Builder versions actually. It does not switch between them in any way. My themes work perfectly fine with both free and paid versions of Beaver Builder, it doesn’t matter what version you have installed on your website.
    As of Beaver Builder upgrade notice, please understand that this is a 3rd party plugin and you should contact their support.

    Tip: Please always keep your website software (WordPress, themes and plugins) up to date for security and compatibility reasons.

    Best regards,

    Oliver Juhas
    WebMan Design

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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