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    intro image – change ratio


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    I’m still learning WordPress, and I chose your theme Reykjavik for a practice “project”. I have disabled the intro video, and added a new intro image. The image dimensions are 1920 × 667. I have skipped cropping it, but the image doesn’t appear on the main page in full width – in other words, the original image ratio doesn’t change.
    How could I use an intro image that has a lesser height, for the same width? I need a vertically narrowed intro…

    (this practice project exists on my local computer only)

    Thanks in advance for your kind advice.


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    Oliver Juhas

    Hi Csaba,

    If you are talking about home page intro section, than the image is set as background image for the intro and styled to cover the entire intro section. So, indeed, no matter what image size you upload, the image will be stretched to cover the intro background on homepage.

    To modify the homepage intro section height, use a custom CSS (use your web browser code inspector to determine the CSS for your theme modifications):

    .intro-special {
      /* These are default values: */
      padding-top: 12%;
      padding-bottom: 12%;

    Alternatively you can simply set the page with “No intro” page template and build the layout with a page builder to your needs.

    On other pages, such as single post page, the intro image is of reykjavik-intro size which is added by theme, but you should be able to edit its size with a plugin such as

    Best regards,

    Oliver Juhas
    WebMan Design



    Thank you :)

    Yes, it was the home page intro.
    The custom CSS you have provided is perfect for my needs – after setting the padding values to 5%, I’m quite satisfied with the results.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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