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    !LesPaul user needs an advice to have a newer theme


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    Hi Oliver,
    I’m the happy owner of two !LesPaul licenses. One is still up and working (www.dallomo.com), the other (www.ventodimare.com) has been removed (site is dead).

    I’m very fond of your gorgeous theme (that you have dismissed).
    I found in your site a newer version of !LesPaul (3.0.2) while
    the version I use is 1.6 (2013).

    Here are my 2 questions:

    1 – any problems to update my old version to the newer, and which are the differences?

    2 – which of your new themes (new codes, I suppose) do you advice for a total rebuilding of my site? I need something very flexible and sound, not too complicated.

    If you have some minutes, I would really appreciate your advices.

    Sergio Dall’Omo, Venice, Italy

    Oliver Juhas

    Hi Sergio,

    Thank you, I’m glad you like !LesPaul theme.

    Indeed, the theme is very old and was removed from my portfolio for better coded, WordPress standards compliant themes.

    You can basically read the info you are looking for at https://github.com/webmandesign/legacy/tree/master/themes page (scroll down for the info text).

    1. The newer theme version is actually old too. I no longer develop the theme, you see. Surely, you can update and you should be perfectly fine with the update procedure as from what I remember there was never a backwards incompatible update to !LesPaul introduced. Please go ahead and download the !LesPaul 3.0.2 ZIP file from the above link and read changelog.md file within for more info about theme updates.
    2. As you can read in above linked page, you can basically use any theme now. There is no easy way of upgrading to any theme from my legacy themes, sorry. You can find the process of upgrading (changing to other theme) explained on the page. If you still would like to try one of my newest themes,
      I suggest starting with free Reykjavik as maybe that’s all you need.

    Best regards,

    Oliver Juhas
    WebMan Design

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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