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    Massive Real Estate Data XML Import


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    Hi Oliver from San Francisco via Lisbon,

    I founded Global in 2004 and with some tech help built it up to nearly 5 million Real Estate Listings and Thousands of Agents.

    I now want to re-create the site with a keen eye on the future and incorporating some VR.

    We need :

    xml/csv data import, including agent data
    massive amounts of data
    unlimited users and agents
    Front End User Input
    map pins
    micro payments
    agent own pages with logo and photo
    agency pages
    Work with a Builder ?

    What do you recommend ?

    — Karl


    Oliver Juhas

    Hi Karl,

    Please understand that I do not provide any freelance or consulting work. I’m really sorry, but your question is beyond the scope of this support forum (please read terms of service).

    I also have never dealt with such a huge data import in WordPress, but here is a bit of quick information I can offer:

    Importing XML or CSV data into WordPress shouldn’t be problem. Although, depending on the data structure, you might need to use some custom-built importer.

    Front end user input is certainly doable in WordPress using plugins. But I can only advice to be cautious about security here and check the plugin you choose thoroughly, before purchasing it (I don’t think there will be a sufficient free plugin available for this, but I may be mistaken, of course).

    Map pins shouldn’t be problem as many map plugins in WordPress offers such functionality.

    Other things should not be problems either as there are plugins for that too.

    From what I see you are looking for a listing WordPress theme. Unfortunately, please note that I have no such theme in my portfolio yet, so I suggest you check out other sources too. As I sell on ThemeForest, I’ve seen some popular listing themes there, so you might want to check them out. If you are “scared” of ThemeForest, you don’t have to be, as it’s like with every marketplace or repository: you will find good products there (I sell my themes at ThemeForest too ;) ) and surely, a lot of bad products.

    As for Beaver Builder, any theme should work with this page builder plugin. You might want to make some simple custom CSS changes to prepare your theme’s page layout for Beaver Builder, but support guys at Beaver Builder will be happy to help you with that.
    But anyway, if you check out a dedicated listing theme, I’m sure it will offer a compatibility with some page builder too, as that’s trend nowadays.

    I wish you good luck in updating your cool website! And I’m sorry I couldn’t provide more thorough help.

    Best regards,

    Oliver Juhas
    WebMan Design



    WoW !

    Thank You Oliver for taking the time and making the effort !

    I will follow through on your input !

    Thanks again !!!

    — Karl

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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