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    Pages masonry style


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    I’m trying to create a page with all it’s sub-pages showing in masonry style.

    I see that when writing a page, we have the option to enable custom teaser for that page. but on Visual Composer, when adding element Posts(custom posts) I don’t see a way to post pages, the only post types available are Logos Posts, Projects and Staff, but Page types are missing.

    I tried to add post_type=”page” inside wm_posts tag, and it works, showing all pages, but I can’t figure out how to discriminate between pages, for example just showing child pages of a certain page. I guess there must be a way, but I can’t figure it out.

    Any advice will be greatly appreciated,

    Thanks and congrats for such a nice theme,



    Oliver Juhas

    Hi Pau,

    I don’t provide support for displaying Pages in “Posts” shortcode due to the shortcode actually displays the dynamic website content, which pages are not.

    The issue with pages is exactly the one you’ve experienced. It would require more coding to implement some functional logic.

    However, you can actually fake it a bit ;) You can create Content Modules and link each one to the actual subpage (and don’t forget to assign a custom module tag to those Content Modules). Then just use a Content Module shortcode (Visual Composer module) to display modules only for the specific tag and set the masonry layout (the same way like for Posts shortcode ).



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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