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    row background image has not alt attribute


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    Creating an accessible website with Reykjavik Version 2.0.2, Beaver Builder Plugin (Lite Version) Version

    On a page built with Beaver Builder, a row is created with a background image. The alternative text of the medium is not being delivered with the rendered page.

    Maybe this is a Beaver Builder issue, maybe Webman can The Beaver Builder Team let solve this issue?

    Erik Petersen
    TRILOS new media

    Oliver Juhas

    Hi Erik,

    First, please note that this question is related to a Beaver Builder plugin usage – please understand that I can provide support only for my products.

    However, I can provide you with explanation in this matter. A background image is not an applied as actual <img> HTML tag on your website and thus it can not contain any alt attribute. Background images are a decorative images that are applied using CSS styles code. They are not accessible to any assistive technology. But this is perfectly fine, it is not an accessibility issue, as like I’ve mentioned, background images are treated as decorative images.

    Try searching internet for more information about this issue.

    You could possibly make a background image accessible using certain hacks, but you still end up adding an actual content image HTML tag into your website content anyway, which brings me to:

    If you want your image to convey an information for your website visitors, always add the actual image to your page/post content (even when using a page builder). That will create an actual <img> HTML tag with proper alt attribute you’ve set in WordPress media library.

    Tip: You can simply use your web browser code inspector to see how background images are displayed in a browser. They are never accessible images.

    Best regards,

    Oliver Juhas
    WebMan Design

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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