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    Peter Arnell

    Selecting custom fonts


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    I have tried to change the Modern Theme default font in a lot of ways – through different plugins, through inserting the code from Google under theme options/typography etc. But I don’t succeed! It always comes back to Fira Sans.

    How should I do? Is there a good plug-in that could help me? I want to set font, size, colours etc. for different headings, content etc.

    I couldn’t find any answer in your documentation or in this forum.

    Regards, Peter from Stockholm


    Oliver Juhas

    Hi Peter Arnell,

    Please note that first you need to load your custom font file to your website. The easiest way of doing that is with a plugin.
    Only then you can set your custom font family name in the Appearance → Customize → Theme Options → Typography theme options.

    You see, if you have set up your desired font family from Google Fonts in your theme options without loading the font file to your website, it didn’t apply as the font was not loaded.

    Alternatively you can actually use a web safe font, such as Georgia in this example showing how to actually set up a custom font family in the theme options:

    This information is fully described in typography theme options too – as marked in the screenshot.

    You can actually find some video tutorials on how to set up custom font sizes on WordPress websites. Except my themes add these theme options fields for your convenience ;)

    Font size can by only set in theme options globally as you can see. I do not provide a specific option to set up a font size for each heading size as I’ve designed the theme carefully using a proper typographic scale for best readability and appealing display.
    You can change a font color per section in theme options too.
    But for advanced, more specific font size and color changes you need to use a custom CSS code.

    Best regards,

    Oliver Juhas
    WebMan Design

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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