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    Paul Gailey

    shortcode social syntax


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    for the sake of my editor team, with regards to using this shortcode:

    [wm_icon class=”icon-class” social=”/Behance/Blogger/Delicious/DeviantART/Digg/Dribbble/Facebook/Flickr/Forrst/Github/Google+/Instagram/LinkedIn/MySpace/Pinterest/RSS/Reddit/Skype/SoundCloud/StumbleUpon/Tumblr/Twitter/Vimeo/WordPress/YouTube/background-dark/background-light” url=”” size=”l/m/s/xl” /]

    how is the social part syntax constructed?

    1. is it correct as

    social="Twitter background-dark"

    or something else?

    i don’t obtain the desired result at the moment, as you can see by

    2. using raw html, which i scraped off your demo site, i can achieve this:
    by deploying:

    <a href="" title="Tweet Seraph Production" class="wm-social-icon icon-twitter size-small social-background-light"><span class="wm-icon icon-twitter size-small" aria-hidden="true"></span></a>

    …how can i compose the shortcode in the text editor to achieve that and
    3. how can i compose shortcode to achieve nº2 without the rollover effect?

    I looked in the mustang github, am i correct in thinking the above is deprecated as shortcodes for my editor team?


    Oliver Juhas

    Hi Paul,

    Indeed, the icon shortcode is deprecated I only keep it for Mustang theme backwards compatibility. You are better using a dedicated 3rd party plugin for those.

    But if you want to use a shortcode, please note that the hover effect will be applied with this. You can override it with a custom CSS though (try using your browser code inspector to determine what CSS modifications you need to apply).

    The social parameter of the shortcode applies the social brand color styles on the icon.
    The most important parameter is class though, where you set up your social network icon class – you can get those in Appearance → Icon Font.

    Here is example for you:

    This produces branded large Facebook icon:
    [wm_icon class="icon-facebook" social="Facebook" url="" size="l" /]
    This produces de-branded (dark color) large Facebook icon:
    [wm_icon class="icon-facebook" social="background-dark" url="" size="l" /]

    Best regards,

    Oliver Juhas
    WebMan Design


    Paul Gailey

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