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    Solving ADA errors in theme


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    We’re developing an ADA compliant site for a client using the Icelander theme. We are also using a plugin, ADA Online Accessibility Suite, to check ratings and fix issues. While we are new to ADA compliance checks, we’ve been able to eliminate many of the errors and warnings flagged by the checker, however, we’re getting 3 large-scale warnings (triggered across every page of the site, seemingly built into the theme) and 1 smaller-scale warning (skip link) that we’ve been unable to locate/solve. Based on how the theme is set up, do you have any suggestions for clearing these ADA warnings? Screenshots for all four areas flagged by the ADA checker are attached.

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    Oliver Juhas


    I’m sorry, but I don’t know the ADA Online Accessibility Suite plugin. My accessibility ready themes are built to match WordPress theme accessibility requirements and they all pass the WordPress accessibility tests. From what I understand that should comply to ADA rules too (you can actually search this forums for ADA related support tickets for more information).

    I also suggest reading a knowledge base article about accessibility testing.

    As for the issues from your screenshots:

    Issue: <aside> should be top level
    I’m sorry, but I’m not aware of this rule. Actually, I don’t think it is really required. Everything also depends how the theme is structured – if a theme is really simple, the <aside> may indeed be a top level HTML element in the HTML body, but I personally haven’t seen that on any website (even non WordPress website). Please ask the plugin support where this “best practice” is taken from? For more information on <aside> HTML elements please see

    Issue: <nav arial-label="Social Menu"> landmark should be unique
    Well, this could be considered an issue by an automated tool, indeed. The reason is that the theme displays social links menu both in header and footer. The plugin complains that both of these menus have identical aria-label attribute. The menus are identical, so that’s why they use the same ARIA label. If you feel this is an issue please check for possible solutions.

    Issue: <html> region
    I’m sorry, I don’t understand what the plugin mean by this issue. Please contact the plugin support to provide more information about the issue and possible solution.

    Issue: Skip link
    The skip link points to a website/theme footer. I can see the plugin complains about this issue on a specific page. Please check your page to see if it properly displays footer. If you are hiding a footer on that page on purpose with custom CSS, please also make sure to hide the related skip link:

    .page-[ID here] .skip-link[href="#colophon"] {
      display: none;

    I suggest checking your ADA Online Accessibility Suite plugin documentation or checking with plugin support for more thorough help on the issues the plugin throws.

    Best regards,

    Oliver Juhas
    WebMan Design

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