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    Hi there, I recently bought the Icelander theme after test driving the Reykjavik – both great themes :)

    In the Icelander theme, I have created a department under Staff, I want everyone in this department displayed on a single page specifically for them. Usually, you just copy the shortcode and paste it in the text editor of the page (not using Beaver Builder) but this is not the case – how can I achieve this? I have read through your documentation on staff but I do not find it informative/useful (sorry!).

    Thank you

    Oliver Juhas

    Hi JC,

    By default WordPress creates these pages for you automatically – there is a dedicated archive page for every taxonomy term available on your website (such as an example on theme demo website). You can add your Staff Department archive page link into your website navigation in Appearance → Menus admin page.

    Here is example for post Categories taxonomy:

    (If you are new to WordPress, please check the helpful resources in “First Steps With WordPress” section of theme docs.)

    With Beaver Builder you can display the Staff posts from specific Department by configuring the “WM Posts / Custom Posts” module’s “From taxonomy” option field to staff_department:my-department-slug-here.

    If you don’t use Beaver Builder you can use WebMan Amplifier plugin’s related shortcode with parameters tweaked to your needs:
    [wm_posts post_type="wm_staff" columns="3" count="99" taxonomy="staff_department:my-department-slug-here" /]

    Tip: Replace all my-department-slug-here with the actual Department taxonomy slug from your website. You can get the slug from the admin taxonomy page (Staff → Departments in this case).

    Here is example for post Categories taxonomy:

    Best regards,

    Oliver Juhas
    WebMan Design

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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