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    starter.css failing to load


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    Ive got a fresh install of wordpress on and when i appy this theme it takes a very long time the first time you load the page on a desktop but mobile is fine.

    Once the page has load the styles are broken. When i check the network inspector (F12) in chrome it says starter.css?ver1.4.1 failed and took 19 seconds.

    In firefox, it says the same file is 0B in size but the page took 3.22 mins to load.

    Wordpress is up to date, the theme was installed through wordpress. I have deactivated and reactivated the theme, ive manually download the theme. I have not installed any plugins yet.



    Oliver Juhas

    Hi GaryD,

    This is a very strange issue you experience. When I visit your website, it loads immediately (a second or so, both on Firefox and Chrome on Windows) for me with no error in web browser console. You can actually see for yourself here:

    Do you still experience the issue on your side? If so, try to disable your browser extensions and flush the browser cache. Or try a different browser.

    You can also make sure your server is running PHP7 with proper settings.

    Best regards,

    Oliver Juhas
    WebMan Design



    you right, it seems to be specific to my PC which is strange.

    Ill work with it and see if i can figure it out. Thank you for your time

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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