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    We use the Reykjavik theme for the museum website and get many complements. We are looking at the causes of the problem we are having but one that’s leading is the compatibility of the store plug in. I’m unsure which one we are using, but we have problems every time we update the site – even if the update has nothing to do with the merchandise, pricing, etc. We get a message “Oops that page can’t be found” to buy memberships or support exhibits in that condition. We are closing in on the source of the problem as the store plug in but don’t want to change it without knowing what is compatible with the theme. What can you recommend?


    Oliver Juhas

    Hi MuseumLead,

    Thank you for using Reykjavik theme :)

    Please understand that I can only provide support for my products (themes). If you experience issues with a plugin, I can only provide tips that may lead you to resolution. For plugin related issues you should contact the plugin support. Thank you for understanding.

    You can see what plugins are enabled on your website by navigating to Plugins menu in your WordPress admin area.

    I’m not sure, maybe the issue is related to the ecommerce plugin you are using, but you can try prevent 404 error pages by navigating to Settings → Permalinks and try changing the permalink structure, saving it, then changing back and saving again. That should cause WordPress to rebuild permalinks and hopefully your page will be accessible again.

    The theme is fully compatible and was tested (and theme demo website actually uses) with WooCommerce ecommerce plugin. But it seems you are actually using the plugin.

    If the issue persist, you may also need to check your PHP version and settings as there might be a shortage of resources on your server.

    Best regards,

    Oliver Juhas
    WebMan Design

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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