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    Oliver Juhas

    THEME UPDATE 1.4 (and 1.4.5)



    (These instructions are required to follow when updating from older theme versions, the pre-1.4 version, like 1.0.x, 1.1.x, 1.2.x and 1.3.x. If you are upgrading from 1.4 to a newer version, it is only advisable to backup your customizer settings – it is always a good practice to back things up before any upgrade.)

    Before you update the theme:

    After you update the theme:

    • Check your website front-end – flush your browser’s cache first, or preview the website in “incognito” mode of your browser.
    • If you find the design of your website is broken, try to disable and enable the theme. If it doesn’t help, navigate to Appearance > Customize, select your previously saved skin and click the “Save changes” button. (Note: if you can’t see any skins in skins selector, create a new one again, call it “test”. After the page is reloaded, there should be all skins available for you.)
    • If you haven’t saved the skin before, try this solution: Open the style.css file inside the theme folder on your server and change the theme version to 1.4.1 for example. Then go back to your website and reload it. Then, again, change the theme version in style.css file back to 1.4 and reload your website. This should refresh your main CSS stylesheet file migrated to a new theme options database record.

    Updating directly to version 1.4.5

    The issue with update process was fixed in theme version 1.4.5, so if you are updating to this version from any pre-1.4 theme release, you should be fine without the steps above. Anyhow, I strongly advice to backup your database and creating a skin from your custom design. Only that way you will be safe for the future updates. You may encounter one issue after the theme update to version 1.4.5: you will need to reset the main navigation menu in Appearance > Menus > Menu locations and also resave your Appearance > Customize setup (first, change some theme color, for example, and change it back to be able to click the “Save changes” button).

    I am sorry for possible problems during update procedure, but this update is to provide better compatibility with WordPress and plugins like Customizer Export/Import and is a preparation for major theme update 2.0.

    After you make successful update to your theme, I strongly recommend using a Customizer Export/Import plugin to backup your customizer settings for future reference.

    Thank you for understanding.

    Best regards,


    PS: It is a good practice to create a backup of your site, or at least the database before you update your WordPress, plugins and themes.

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