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    Visual Composer License Key


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    Do we get a Visual Composer License key with our purchase of the theme? I have the Envato username and API key filled with the third blank. Is it supposed to be that way? Does that mean Visual Composer can’t be updated? Thanks!

    Oliver Juhas


    Indeed, if you want your Visual Composer plugin copy that comes free with the theme to be automatically updated, you have to purchase the Visual Composer’s licence.

    However, this is not really required because you will get the most recent Visual Composer plugin with each theme update. This way you can be assured the plugin will work with the theme seamlessly (as opposed to if you update the plugin automatically, it might not work with the current theme version – this is normal behavior as the plugin is 3rd party software and I have no control over it’s code and updates).

    I’ve purchased the developer licence for the plugin, so I can pack it with my theme. But please understand that I can not reveal the licence key I’ve purchased to public.

    Thanks for understanding and best regards,


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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