Theme translation (localization)

Find out how to localize WordPress themes (and plugins) into your language.

Every WordPress theme contains some texts that need to be translated into your language if you are building a non-English website. My themes are fully translation ready and most of them also support Right-To-Left (RTL) languages.

To enable your language on a WordPress website, please switch WordPress into the desired language localization first.

Translating free themes at

If you have obtained the theme from¬† themes repository, please translate the theme by clicking the “Translate ThemeName”¬†link in WordPress theme page sidebar.

Translating premium/any theme

Translating using Poedit

  1. Make a copy of the original themename/languages/themename.pot file.
  2. You need to rename the copied file now: add hyphen followed with your language code locale, and change file extension to “po”. So, the British English file would be named themename-en_GB.po, for example.
  3. Use¬†Poedit¬†to translate the file and export (save) translation also in “mo” file format.
  4. Upload translated file into your WordPress languages directory, into themes folder (such as /wp-content/languages/themes/ – if the themes folder does not exist in your WordPress languages directory, create it).
    REMINDER: When you update the theme, all custom translation files will be deleted from /wp-content/themes/themename/languages folder. Do not place your custom translation files into that folder!

Translating directly in your WordPress dashboard

If you would like translate the theme directly in your WordPress dashboard you need to use a specialized plugin for that. Please install and activate¬†Loco Translate¬†plugin. For instructions on how to use the plugin please refer to¬†beginner’s guide¬†and/or¬†technical overview.

Don’t forget to translate your plugins too!

WordPress website is built using WordPress system itself, a theme and plugin(s). There is a very high probability that¬†WordPress system is already translated into your language, so, you don’t need to do it on your own.
You have also learned how to translate the theme into your language above.

But what about plugins and their texts?

If you are lucky, your plugin contains your language localization files already and you don’t have to do anything. But if you need to translate a plugin into your language, the best advice is to check the plugin’s documentation for instructions.

Alternatively you can also use Loco Translate plugin (again) to translate your plugins directly in your WordPress dashboard.

Right-To-Left (RTL) languages

Quite often I receive a question like “How can I enable RTL on my website/theme?” The solution is pretty simple, just install and activate RTL language in your WordPress. The theme follows WordPress settings and automatically loads RTL styles for you. Here are some helpful resources:

Please understand that the theme might not be translated to you language though. In that case, please follow the theme localization instructions above.