Theme modifications

Are your theme modifications out of scope of our support? We have some tips for you!

Although we do not provide support for theme modifications (as stated in terms of service) we always provide you with tips and in many cases with complete coding solutions.
But there is only so much we can help with in regards of the free support service we provide, please understand that.

3rd party help

Please understand, if you request a help for multiple theme modifications out of scope of default theme functionality, it might be good time to consider hiring a WordPress professional who can help you tweak the theme to meet your specific needs. There are multiple sources you can use for that purpose, such as WordPress Jobs, Envato Studio, or even Fiverr, or similar services.

If you are using a dedicated 3rd party plugin, try to contact your plugin support too. Maybe they will provide you with all the help you need. Please understand that we do not provide support for 3rd party software.

…or try it yourself

Most of theme modifications requests we receive can be resolved with some simple custom CSS code. Your web browser code inspector can help you tremendously with determining the CSS code you need to use. W3Schools also provide a great CSS coding resources.

If your modifications are out of CSS scope and yet you don’t feel like coding PHP is your territory, you may consider using Beaver Themer plugin. With this plugin you can set custom header, footer layouts, custom layouts for any WordPress post, page, custom post type, error 404 page, blog, search results or archive page.
As this plugin is designed for advanced users and requires understanding of WordPress template hierarchy and hooks, please study the plugin documentation before using it.