Terms of Service

What support scope we provide? How we treat a sensitive information provided? What are private replies?

1. Documentation and product version

Please, read the product documentation (user manual) before submitting a ticket in this support center. The documentation for all of WebMan Design products is thorough and explanatory and there is a high chance it contains the answer to your issue already.

You can find all WebMan Design product documentations at https://www.webmandesign.eu/reference/#links-docs

Also, please make sure you are using up to date product version.

2. Creating a ticket

Please, always create a mono-thematic tickets, describing a single issue. This way the ticket can be easily and quickly resolved by our support team. If you have more issues to report, or more questions to ask, try searching the knowledge base articles and forums first, and when you don’t find the answer to your questions, create a new ticket for each issue or question separately. Please provide as many details about your issue as possible.

Also, please, make sure you log your ticket to an appropriate forum. Each forum represents a product, a WordPress theme you use.
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3. Private replies

In case you are sharing a sensitive information such as website access details, please always mark your reply as private. Please note we take no responsibility for inappropriate use of this support forum when you share a sensitive information → please read the next section “4. Sensitive information” below.

If you only want to share your website URL, use a dedicated field for it. In that case you do not need to mark the reply as private as the URL will only be displayed to you and to our support team – no other user will be able to get to URL you share with us.

Private reply setup
Setting up a private reply

4. Sensitive information

In case of submitting your website access details, please:

  1. In this support center, please always provide the login credentials in a private reply only!
  2. Always create a new temporary user account on your website for the time the issue is being resolved. (You can even use a plugin for that.)
  3. Never post your own personal access credentials! Create a new user account for us specifically instead → see the previous step.
  4. After your ticket is answered and issue resolved, please delete this temporary access account from your website for security reasons.

We don’t hold any responsibility for stolen website access credentials, nor stolen data or otherwise malfunctioned website due to not deleting the temporary access accounts and not following the basic security precautions.

The security is of high priority to us!

5. Support scope

Our product support scope currently consist of:

  • No product customization services.
  • No product modification. We understand that there is a fine line between what is considered a support request and product modification. We will do our best to assist you with any type of query, but can’t provide extensive help in terms of modifications.
    But we will provide useful tips and information that should help you modify the theme to your needs.
    You can also try to hire a 3rd party developer to modify the theme for you.
  • No support for thirds-party software, such as plugins not created by WebMan Design. In such cases, please contact the plugin developer first.

6. Free themes

Please understand that you might experience delays in answering your ticket logged for a free WordPress theme. This is because we prioritize our paid WordPress themes customers. We will do our best to answer your ticket in timely manner, though. Thank you for understanding!

7. Agreement

By submitting a ticket or reply in this support center you agree with and understand these Terms of Service. You also agree to WebMan Design Privacy Policy.